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Theresa Morrow, Pharm D

Theresa is one of the pharmacist of Vital Care of Southwest Virginia. She received her Doctorate Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University  - College of Pharmacy. She is a member of the following organizations:  International Association of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP), Professional Compounding Corporation of America (PCCA), and National Home Infusion Association. She has received specialized training with Natural Standard, PCCA, Vital Care Inc., NHIA, and IACP.

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Amber Boyd, LPN

Amber received her Licensed Practical Nurse degree from Tazewell County Career and Technical Center. She has received specialized training with Natural Standard, PCCA, Vital Care Inc., and NHIA.  

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We can help!!!

  • Are you confused about the many nutritional and herbal supplements?
  • Women, do you suffer from Perimenopausal or Menopausal Symptoms?
  • Men, are you suffering from Andropausal Symptoms?  Weakness? Fatigue? Anxiety?
  • Do you have any skin care issues? Acne? Wrinkles? Thin Skin?
  • Are you suffering from Adrenal Fatigue? Tired? Depressed?

Our pharmacy’s philosophy is “the best prescription is a healthy lifestyle.”  By Appointment a clinical consultant can review your consultation form and discuss your health care concerns.  Any recommendations for blood spot or saliva testing will be made.  We will discuss lifestyle modifications and neutraceutical supplements. Any prescription recommendations will be discussed with you and a provider of your choice.

 A consultation fee of $100 is charged upon initial assessment and first two follow ups for a Hormonal consultation. Please click on one of the forms below and submit online or print and complete prior to your consultation.

A trained nurse or a pharmacist can help you choose a nutritional or herbal supplement that meets your needs. We begin with basic nutritional protocols consisting of pharmaceutical grade neutraceuticals and adjust based on your needs to optimize your health. We can work with you, your retail pharmacist, and your physician to customize a plan of action tailored specifically to you.

Call or e-mail us today to schedule your Consultation.

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